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Your local experts in chimney cap installation & chimney cap replacement. We are a chimney cap company with 25 years of experience in the business.

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From custom made chimney chase cover to chimney cap installation, our highly-trained installers will handle it all and do their best at the same time.

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Does your chimney need a cap repair or installation? You're not sure how much does it cost? Contact us and get a free quote.

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Years Experience

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Chimney Caps Expert - Custom Chimney Cap Elgin, IL

Chimney Caps Expert has been making custom chimney caps in Elgin for residential and business roofing since beginning operations in 2010. Every chimney cover in Elgin that we produce is custom made. So it’s not only fitted specifically for a certain type of chimney, but it is also tailored to the homeowner’s or business owner’s preference. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, along with our skills in chimney capping in Elgin for both design and fabrication, we guarantee that your chimney cap installation will be the perfect fit for your building. Our chimney caps in Elgin work beautifully on brick chimneys and wooden chimneys. At Chimney Cap Expert, we have 4 metal chimney cover options for you to choose from, including stainless steel that comes with a lifetime guarantee. As well, our pre-finished steel offers a 25-year guarantee and comes in 30 colors. It’s a perfect way to accent your home or office, bringing out your personality. Our third metal chimney capping option in Elgin is copper, which also has a lifetime guarantee against rust corrosion. You can even choose our galvanized metal with a 2-year guarantee. Plus, we provide wooden and brick construction repair when broken by a defective chimney pan or faulty chimney cap in Elgin or lack of one.

What We Can Offer You

Chimney Caps Expert - Services

copper chimney caps

Chimney Cap Installation Near You

No matter what type of chimney you have on your home, we can fabricate the perfect chimney cap in Elgin to fit it, while giving it an attractive accent and not disrupting the aesthetics of your home. You want the best materials? We have them and use them with skill and efficiency, and that includes steel in many forms, and copper. 
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Chimney Cap replaced by a new one

Chimney Cap Replacement

All we do is custom chimney caps in Elgin, and so replacing your chimney cap with an identical cap is not a problem. And we can do it with the materials you choose. Or we can do something a little different to update your chimney style. Take a look at our catalog for your next cap. 
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old chimney cap repair

Chimney Cap Repair

Our company not only builds new chimney caps in Elgin, we also repair existing chimney caps that have been beat up by age or the elements. Dents, warps, breaks, and missing portions are an easy fix for our fabricators.
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Chimney Cap Expert Elgin, IL - Why Choose Us

Free Estimates

Expect all the details regarding your chimney cap repair in Elgin with a free estimate from Chimney Cap Expert. There are no surprises from your chimney cap installers.

Custom Made Chimney Cap

At Chimney Cap Expert, you can count on a custom chimney cap for your Elgin home or business, leaving you with the perfect fit for your chimney. All our chimney capping comes with the latest finishing standards and the finest materials.

Years of Experience

Chimney Cap Expert has provided custom chimney chase covers in Elgin to homes and businesses for over 25 years. You will see our expertise in all our chimney caps.

Local Company

We have proudly served the community as your local chimney cap company in Elgin from the very beginning, making countless customers happy one top-quality chimney cover at a time.

When It's Time for New Chimney Cap Installation Near Elgin, IL

Chimney caps are often an overlooked feature of a home. As a trusted chimney cap company in the Elgin area, we guide homeowners in the suburbs how to care for their chimney caps. We also encourage them in contacting us at any sight of a minor damage on their chimney cover. Regardless of its material, your capping can significantly benefit from a chimney cap repair or replacement when the situation calls for it. Below are some examples of chimney or chimney cap damages. When you see any of them present in your chimney, give us a call as soon as possible.

  •  Water inside the firebox
  •  Unusual odor from the chimney
  • Damage upon routine inspection
  • Small animals or birds nesting on the flue
  •  Significant amount of rusting
  •  Downward draft in your home
  • Missing chimney cap
  • Flue damage

Your chimney cap in Elgin may suffer from more damages than you expect. As chimney experts in the local area, we advise all homeowners to be vigilant in inspecting the condition of their chimney cap from time to time. Strongly built and aptly designed chimney chase covers will not only provide protection for the rest of your home, but also give your chimney a tasteful capping for years to come. 

Contact Us - Chimney Caps Expert Elgin, IL

At Chimney Caps Expert, we perform various services to maintain chimney caps in their best condition. Our services include, chimney cap replacement, chimney cap repair and chimney cap installation near you.

We have seasoned chimney cap installers in our team that have a wide knowledge, experience, and expertise in working with different chimney types. Whether you have metal chimney caps, copper chimney caps, or stainless steel chimney caps, trust us to know the best technique to repair, replace, or install the capping and fit to your chimney perfectly. 

Call us at (224) 985-4025 or get a  free quote!