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Your local experts in chimney cap installation & chimney cap replacement. We are a chimney cap company with 25 years of experience in the business.

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From custom made chimney chase cover to chimney cap installation, our highly-trained installers will handle it all and do their best at the same time.

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Does your chimney need a cap repair or installation? You're not sure how much does it cost? Contact us and get a free quote.

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Years Experience

Welcome to

Chimney Caps Expert

We have been making custom chimney caps for the needs of the residents and businesses in this area since we formed our company in 2010. Every cap that we make is custom made, and not only specific to the type of chimney, but also tailored to the desires of the person ordering it. Using our 25 years of experience and skill in chimney cap design and fabrication, we guarantee your chimney cap will be perfect for your building.

Our chimney caps will not only work on brick chimneys, but wood chimneys as well. We have 4 metal options to choose from, including stainless steel, which is guaranteed for a lifetime. Pre-finished steel with a 25 years guarantee comes in 30 colors, a perfect way to accent the personality of your home or office. Third metal option is copper, which is a lifetime guarantee against rust corrosion. You can also choose our galvanized metal with a 2 year guarantee. We also repair wooden and brick construction, which was broken by defective chimney pan or chimney cap or its lack.

Always made to order, can be shipped anywhere in Illinois, and with a free inspection and estimate available, consider Chimney Cap Expert when you are ready for your custom chimney cap.

What We Can Offer You

Our Services

copper chimney caps

Chimney Cap Installation

Whether you have a stone and mortar or wood chimney, we can custom craft a chimney cap that will fit it perfectly, and not throw off the aesthetics of the chimney, or your home. We only use the best materials.You can choose between 4 metal options: stainless steel, copper, pre-finished steel and galvanized steel.
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Chimney Cap replaced by a new one

Chimney Cap Replacement

Because we do custom fabrications, we can replace your chimney cap with an identical cap, crafted at our professionals, using the materials of your choice. Or we can put together a brand new chimney cap that will fit your current chimney style to a perfection. Call for a free estimate.
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old chimney cap repair

Chimney Cap Repair

We not only build the best custom chimney caps, but can repair chimney caps that need a little TLC. If you are concerned that your chimney cap might be broken, dented, or warped, give us a call, and we will do an inspection for free.  
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Free Estimates

You don’t have to walk into purchasing a custom chimney cap without knowing a reasonable price point. We offer free estimates, ensuring you know all the details before fabrication.

Custom Made Chimney Cap

We only make custom chimney caps, specific to the chimney for which they will be installed. We work with the most modern practices, and only with the best materials.

Years of Experience

Chimney Caps Expert have made custom chimney chase covers for the homes and businesses in this area for over 25 years. Our experience will show through when we craft your chimney cap.

Local Company

We have served this area faithfully, creating some of the best and most inventive chimney covers for a long list of happy customers, and will continue as your local chimney cap company.

How to Tell When It's Time for New Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is not just an aesthetic addition to the top of your chimney. It serves a purpose that is vital to the condition of your chimney. A chimney cap covers the main flue, allowing the smoke to billow freely as you sit warm and cozy in your home. It is the first line of defense between your home and the elements coming down your flue. It’s damaged if:.

  •   You see water in the firebox
  •   You smell unpleasant odors from the chimney
  •   You see damage upon routine inspection
  •   Birds / small animals block the flue
  •   It is rusting excessively
  •   You can feel downdrafts
  •   You have flue damage
  •   The cap is missing entirely
Vigilance is the best way to ensure your chimney cap not only functions appropriately, but also continues to be a fetching part of your roof. If you have a custom chimney cap, it is even more important, because your chimney cap reflects your personal style, and no one wants to be associated with an unattractive chimney addition.


A chimney cap in a bad shape won't make a good impression on anyone. But that's not the most important reason to call Chimney Caps Expert. If you don't take any action on your chimney cover, it will cause more problems in the future and result in expensive repair.

Any rusted part of the chimney or a spot covered with rust stains is always the sign for a chimney cap replacement. Even small rust stains make the metal to start corroded, which finally causes chimney damages, through letting rainwater inside the chimney and destroying wooden construction. A corroded chimney cap will last one to three years maximum.

If you think you may need a chimney caps installation, replacement or chimney caps repair call us at (815) 404-8865 or click for a free quote!

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